Meet Our Team

Meet Our Online Education Team

The staff at Hoosier College and Career Academy (HCCA) is dedicated to providing students with high-quality learning experiences.

School Principals

Melissa Medinger-Smith image
Melissa Smith | Middle School & High School Principal

Melissa Medinger was born and raised in Muncie, IN. She attended San Diego State University on a volleyball scholarship and received her Bachelor’s in Political Science and French. Upon her return to Indiana, she completed a Biotechnology certification and Biology Master’s program. She taught Biology in urban schools for the next several years after getting her MAT before transitioning into administration. She received her admin license through Marian University and has since added on an EL and High Ability license. She was the Assistant Principal at Paramount Englewood for three years prior to coming to HCCA. 

Samantha Goldsmith image
Samantha Goldsmith | CRE and Credit Recovery Principal

Samantha Goldsmith is the academic administrator for Hoosier College and Career Academy (HCCA). She comes to Insight from another Stride school, where she had been an administrator since 2018. She enjoys building data culture and helping teachers be the best teachers that they can be.

Kuckie photo

Susan Kuckie | Assistant Academic Administrator

Susan Kuckie has been in education for over twenty years. Earning her degree in Family and Consumer Science Secondary Education from Olivet Nazarene University. Mrs. Kuckie has taught a variety of courses including but not limited to Nutrition and Wellness, Culinary Arts, Child Development, Fashion and Interior Design. Through teaching she developed a passion for Curriculum and Instruction and continued her education by earning her Master’s Degree in that area of study. Mrs. Kuckie’s passion for learning lead her to complete her Master’s in Business Administration with Applied Leadership this past fall.

Mrs. Kuckie lives in Northwest Indiana with her family: husband, two children, three dogs, 1 rabbit and 12 hermit crabs. She enjoys being with family and friends creating memories. When she is not at her computer, you will find her watching her son’s football games, attending bowling matches or bowling on leagues, reading or gardening, golfing and during the winter months hitting the ski slopes.

Phone: 463.900.5304 | Email: [email protected]

Meet Your Teachers

Aaron Baugh image
Aaron Baugh | CTE Instructor

Aaron Baugh is a CTE instructor and has taught at HCCA since 2019. He has a BS in history from Purdue University. He has five years of experience teaching technical education and social studies in middle school and high school.

Fun fact: “I’m a veteran of the U.S. Air Force and served from 2002–2006.

Heather Baumann image
Heather Baumann | High School English Teacher

Heather Baumann has been a high school English teacher at HCCA since 2019. She has a degree in secondary English language arts with a minor in literature. She has been helping students achieve success in the classroom for six years.

Fun fact: “I won a trip to Maui through a radio station where I learned why you will never find the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. (Rainbows are full circles and you can only see that from the air!)”

Holli Beckett image
Holli Beckett | English Language Learners (ELL)

Holli Beckett was born, raised, and lives in Warren County, Indiana.  She has been a teacher since 2003.  She is licensed to teach English and ELL K-12, AP Literature and Language, and Dual Credit courses.  She has taught English to all ages and types of learners and is passionate about building a love of learning.  

Fun Fact: Holli lives on a farm with her husband and six children.  She has a one-acre garden, chickens, and dogs.  She loves making jams and jellies or canning in her free time. 

Natalie Berry image
Natalie Berry | Credit Recovery

Natalie Berry is a Credit Recovery teacher that started her career in education in 2011. She graduated with an M.Ed. from Valparaiso University and holds a B.A. in Sociology from Indiana University Northwest. Her passion for student success has led her to work as a university and K-12 school advisor, special education teacher, and ELL instructional assistant.

Fun Fact: “I love to try new restaurants and foods. I think of myself as a foodie.” 

John Casey image
John Casey | High School Mathematics Teacher

John Casey has taught high school mathematics for 3 years. He is passionate about the subject because math is all around us! John tries to make that apparent in his lessons by using real-world examples. He believes that all students can learn. He also believes that perseverance and discipline are two keys to being successful.  

Elizabeth Cole image
Elizabeth Cole | High School Biology/Health Services

Ms. Cole has a BS in Animal Science from Purdue University, and a Master’s in Education from Valparaiso University.  Biology has always been a strong passion in her life from working with and caring for animals to working in the healthcare industry.  Ms. Cole is excited to share her love of Biology with students and to bring her healthcare experience to the classroom!

Fun Fact:  I love to play games with my family and friends!  I attend GenCon every year, and I am always looking for new fun board game recommendations.

Ashlee Deal image
Ashlee Deal | Middle School Science Teacher

Ashlee Deal graduated from the University of Southern Indiana in 2011.  She has 11 years of experience teaching Science.  She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in elementary education and a science endorsement.  Science has always been her favorite subject! 

Fun fact: “I have been married for almost 10 years.  We have two spoiled rotten Labrador retrievers.  In my free time, I play competitive volleyball, and bake and decorate sugar cookies.”  

Scott Eckert image
Scott Eckert | Middle School Mathematics Teacher

Scott Eckert graduated from University of Toledo in 2002. He has 15 years experience as a classroom teacher in a variety of settings. Mr. Eckert is dual-certified in Mathematics and Special EducationHe is aslo an entrepreneur in petroleum production and petrochemical manufacturing industries. He enjoys problem-solving, making real-world connections to Mathematics, and serving students and families across the spectrum.

Mr. Eckert is a passionate researcher of new and upcoming Quantum Computing/Financial Systems.

Jennifer Fatool image
Jennifer Fatool | Credit Recovery

Jennifer Fatool is beginning her 12th year of teaching and is excited to join HCCA as a Credit Recovery instructor. She previously taught middle school science and high school Biology. Before teaching she was a real life scientist. She loves spending time with her husband and 3 young children. Her favorite hobbies are cooking fancy meals, walking, and renovating her old house. 

Lindsay Free image
Lindsay Free | High School English Teacher

Lindsay Free has been a high school English teacher at HCCA since 2019. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in English education.

Fun fact: “I have two different colored eyes—one blue eye and one green eye.”

Carla Gehlhausen image
Carla Gehlhausen | CTE Instructor

Carla Gehlhausen has been HCCA’s CTE computer education instructor since 2019. She holds a BS in accounting from Brescia University and an MA in education from Oakland City University. She taught in brick-and-mortar schools for seven years before joining HCCA. Prior to that she worked as an accountant for 30 years.

Fun fact: “I am married to a wonderful man and we have four awesome kids, two grandkids, four German shepherds, a yorkie, an African grey parrot, and three Paso Finos. My favorite things to do are horseback riding and spending time with my family and critters.”

Katelyn Gelhausen image
Katelyn Gehlhausen | Special Education Teacher

Katelyn Gehlhausen is HCCA’s new middle school special education teacher.  She has 5 years experience working in special education in the brick-and-mortar schools.  She studied education and the German language at Purdue University.  She holds a MS in education – special education and a BA in German language and literature.  Katelyn is an avid runner and dog lover; adventures with her three boxer dogs are her favorite

Fun Fact: “I lived in Germany for one year and am fluent in the German language.  I love learning new things from languages to dog training to cooking delicious, healthy food.  I like being an example to my students that we never stop learning!”

Hannah Joly image
Hannah Joly | Special Education Teacher

Ms. Joly has been teaching Special Education for the past 3 years. She graduated with her bachelor’s degree at Indiana University Southeast and is currently finishing her master’s degree at University of Indianapolis. She loves to coach and play volleyball during her free time. She also loves spending time with family and friends, going boating, traveling, and going on walks with her dogs.

Brian Jones image
Brian Jones | Middle School Social Studies teacher

Mr. Jones is starting his 34th year as an educator (his 3rd at HCCA).  He graduated from IUPUI and Butler.  Outside of school he enjoys spending time with his family and fishing.  His favorite hobby is cooking.

Emma Kalinowski image

Kanaley photo
Emma Kalinowski | Middle School English Teacher

I love teaching because I love helping kids see their own potential. I have a degree in education from Michigan State University and a degree in English and history from the University of Illinois. My teaching experience is mostly at the middle school level, but I have also taught high school English. Middle school kids are my favorite age group! My son Joel is a freshman at IU. I hope I’m better able to relate to both students and their learning coaches because of my experiences with my son and his education.

Colton Kanaley | Special Education Teacher

Colt Kanaley began his career in the special education field after graduating with a BA in Psychological Studies and an MA in Special Education Teaching. He graduated first from Ball State University, and again from the University of Saint Francis after finding his path in teaching. Outside of teaching and research, Mr. Kanaley enjoys spending time with his family and dog, gaming, and going on trips with his friends.

Tim Kasper image
Tim Kasper | High School Math Teacher

Tim Kasper graduated from Ball State University in 2000 with a BS in mathematics education. This will be his 22nd year in education. He has been a classroom teacher for 12 years and a director of eLearning for two years. For four years he was a teacher and an assistant administrator at a private school.

Fun fact: “I am a proud Hoosier and a big Colts fan! I’ve been married for 21 years and have three kids and two dogs. I’m happy to be at Hoosier College and Career Academy!”

Bradley Kill image
Bradley Kill | Credit Recovery 

Brad Kill has been in teaching for 6 years now.  He has a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice and minor Psychology along with a Master of Science in Business and Organizational Leadership from Defiance College.  Before coming into teaching Brad worked with youth and adolescents in the community and homebased settings.  Brad has a passion for helping students achieve their goals.  Brad enjoys spending time with family and friends along with helping out on his family farm.  

Mallory Kinding image
Mallory Kindig | MTSS, multi-tiered system of supports

Mallory Kindig is the English Interventionist & MTSS Coordinator. She went to Purdue University and has been with Hoosier since 2012.  Previous to switching to Intervention, she had taught English grades 7-9 throughout her Hoosier years.  

Fun Facts: I did my student teaching with Hoosier and was hired at the end of that year. My husband and I have two boys Lincoln and Roman, two cats, and one dog.  

Maya Losendahl image
Maya Losnedahl | English Teacher

Maya Losnedahl holds a BA in English from the University of Iowa. She has experience teaching English to elementary, middle, and high school students in an online setting. She is passionate about sharing her love of reading, writing, and literary analysis.

Fun fact: I have three cats, but I only adopted one from a shelter. I found the other two outside! 

Lois Love image
Lois Love | Outreach Coordinator

Lois Love has been with Hoosier Academy Network of Schools since 2018 ,with the exception of an eight- month absence in 2022. She has held several positions in her tenure at the school. She holds a bachelor’s degree in business management as well as two master’s degrees in Higher Education. She is an advocate for education and regards learning as fun.

Fun Fact: “I love reading and writing fictional short stories.”

Nikki Lynch image
Nikki Lynch | Special Education Teacher

Nikki Lynch has been a special education teacher at HCCA since 2014. She holds a special education certificate of completion, K–6 general education license, and a K–12 special education license. She was a developmental preschool teacher from 2008 to 2014.

Fun fact: “I like to exercise and garden.” 

Amanda Moor image
Amanda Moor | Social Studies Teacher

Amanda Moor received her first degree in Political Science, with minors in International Studies and Journalism, with a plan to immediately pursue teaching her favorite topic – Social Studies. Her passion was put on hold for careers as a newspaper reporter, and then in college athletics, before ultimately returning to teach. Now, she shares her passion for Social Studies with her students. 

Fun Fact: “I was born and raised near Lake Michigan, and love to talk about it.”

Biran Nash image
Brian Nash | High School Social Studies Teacher

Brian Nash had been a high school social studies teacher at HCCA since 2011. He has a degree in undergraduate social studies education.

Fun fact: “I was in a TV commercial as a kid.”

Jon Osborn image
Jon Osborn | High School Science Teacher

John Osborn teaches math and science at HCCA. He as a bachelor’s degree in physics from Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology and a master’s degree in physics from the University of Arkansas. He has been teaching high school and middle school for eight years, and has been an adjunct faculty member at Ivy Tech Community College since 2007. Before he was a teacher, he was a computer engineer, so you can ask him about unix commands. He is a strong science technology engineering and math (STEM) advocate.

Fun fact: “My lifelong teaching goal is that one of my students will go to Rose-Hulman to help build the future.”

Brooke Richardson

Brooke Richardson | High School Science Teacher

Brooke Richardson graduated from Arizona State in 2008.  She has 14 years of experience teaching Science.  She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in secondary education with two science endorsements, biology being her favorite. 

Fun fact: “I like anything in nature.  From bugs to fish, everything is amazing!”  

Adam Ross image
Adam Ross | Health & Physical Education

Adam Ross has taught PE for 14 years in Indiana.  He graduated from Ball State University and had coached basketball, baseball, and golf at the high school level.  Adam is passionate about building motivation for students to live a healthier lifestyle.  He believes improving daily habits in middle and high school students can help set them up for success in the future. 

Fun Facts: Adam is a lifelong IU basketball fan and an avid golfer.

John Schellenberg image
John Schellenberg | CTE Instructor

John Schellenberg has been the business CTE instructor at HCCA since 2017. He holds a BS in business administration and a teaching license. This is his 20th year teaching.

Fun fact: “I worked in sales, marketing and management in the business world before becoming a teacher. My wife and I have been to five Coldplay concerts and three Earth Wind & Fire concerts—my two favorite bands!”

Sherrie Shackelford image
Sherrie Shackelford | CTE – Health Services

Sherrie Shackelford is a CTE Healthcare Occupations instructor.  She worked in healthcare for 17 years before becoming a teacher.  She graduated from Western Governors University with a B.A. in Life Science education in 2013.  This is her 10th year teaching.

Fun Fact:  She has three daughters, two dogs, and loves history (genealogy research, antique shopping, documentaries – all of it!)

Annie Wickersham image
Annie Wickersham | Special Education Teacher

Annie Wickersham has been a high school special education teacher and the department lead at HCCA since 2012. She holds a BS in education–special education, mild interventions. Before coming to HCCA, she taught for six years at Options Charter School in Noblesville, Indiana.

Fun fact: “I love to incorporate music in my classes and often speak in song lyrics.”

Tina York image
Tina York | Special Education Teacher

Mrs. York is a graduate of both Ball State University and University of Phoenix.  She has been teaching for 26 1/2 years in both middle school and high school.  Her degree is in elementary education  (grades 1-6) and mild disabilities (k-12).  This is her first experience with online school and she is excited for this new chapter!  Mrs. York has been married for 30 years and have 3 boys.  They are 28, 25 and 4 years old.  She has two granddaughters and one grandson.  She enjoys camping, reading and vacationing with her family! 

Fun Fact:  My husband and I were foster parents to our 4-year old and were blessed to be able to adopt him!