About Our School

Student Testimonials

We’re proud of the strong community we’ve built at Hoosier College and Career Academy (HCCA).. Here’s what people have to say about their experiences at HCCA.*

“1) I love [Hoosier College and Career Academy] because of all the wonderful personalities that make up this institution! There’s so much diversity! Each teacher and administrator brings their really special talents to the table, which makes this school SO UNIQUE!! 😊 2) I love [Hoosier College and Career Academy] because I have teachers and administrators who know me and enjoy hearing about my progress and accomplishments! I love knowing that! We have developed a strong bond at this school over the years!! 😊 3) I love [Hoosier College and Career Academy] because I have been able to contribute to the [HCCA] community and be a part of its success over the years!! Having served various roles in my time here (both as student liaison and junior marshal) just proves to show how much the [HCCA] community depends on me, trusts me, and loves my input and contributions! It also proves to show that they know that I’ll say “Yes!” if they ever need a student perspective!! 😊”

— Gabriel L., 2020 Student

“I love [Hoosier College and Career Academy] because I have never met a better group of teachers who really care.”

— DeLynn M., 2020 Student

“I love the flexible schedule that allows me to adjust my time.”

— Roland M., 2020 Student

“I love the flexibility because my disabilities can be challenging. [HCCA] makes it easier for me, and everyone is so encouraging.”

— Dylan M., 2020 Student

“I love [HCCA] because it helps me learn faster and everyone is friendly. They aren’t scared to answer your questions. And you can do your homework on your own time, and you have more chances to retake quizzes to help improve your grade.”

— Brandy, 2020 Student

“I love [HCCA] because this is the only school that I have ever felt like it is truly a safe place to learn, and I know I am going to succeed!” 😎

— Dylan M., 2020 Student

“Well, I love [HCCA] because not only do I get to do school in the comfort of my own home, but the teachers are nice and engaging. I appreciate all the time and effort they give to help me when I need it as well.”

— Nicholas H., 2020 Student

“I love [HCCA] because of how patient and understanding most of the teachers are. I love how I could be late with an assignment and the teachers would jump in and ask if I need any help and help me. It’s very appreciated and helpful!”

— Taniya J., 2020 Student

*All statements reflect each person’s own experience at HCCA.